I saw Jane for treatment of my eczema and allergies, including hay-fever, having suffered with these from childhood for well over 25 years.  As an adult this was a source of constant distress with eczema patches across about 50% of my skin - not ideal for client meetings and just general well-being. I had been given steroid creams for years from my GP but these were not really helping since as soon as I stopped using these the eczema returned & my skin became more dry & irritated.  Over a period of months working with Jane and taking various remedies she prescribed, my skin quickly felt calmer, less irritated and more supple, and now I am eczema-free.  As well as this my allergies are also much better!. 

Thank you!  Jeff - Surbiton.

“Jane has been treating me for over a year now, she always listens thoroughly to you, during this time I have seen a massive change in my health,  for 26 years my life had been controlled by my regular migraines,  I now haven't had a migraine since the first months treatment!, & I absolutely feel that thanks to homeopathy & Janes caring, professional ways, I am now in control of my life and the migraines are banished forever!
Jane has also been treating me for early menopause and thanks to her my achey legs, hot sweats & stiff necks are only a distant memory .
I cannot recommend Jane enough, she really has changed my life for the better."   V.K - Surrey

'I started seeing Jane at a very difficult point in my life. I had suffered a few panic attacks and as a result my whole system had collapsed, leaving me in a very weak state with physical as well as emotional issues. I had developed warts & my digestive system was also in a bad way.

After seeing Jane, I haven’t had another panic attack, & within a couple of months I was feeling more positive generally & my digestion was much improved, also amazingly the warts had disappeared, now several months later I can happily say that pretty much all of my symptoms have gone and I am not only feeling physically better but also emotionally more balanced as well as confident.

Jane is a great listener & is also always quick to answer emails or texts which is great, if there is an acute problem'  

B.J - London

Jane has been very supportive and helpful during a challenging time in my life.

She took the time to really listen and get to know me as a person in order to determine the best course of treatment for my emotional issues.  I have struggled with shyness & social anxiety for a long time, finding relationships as well as general socializing very difficult.

I have always found Jane to be sensitive, encouraging and supportive and with her help I feel I have made genuine progress over the past few months, my confidence has grown as well as my ability to connect with others.  I am now going to work abroad teaching English for a year which was a goal that seemed very far off a while ago.  

Remedies are always dispatched quickly and Jane is always on hand to answer any questions or help with anything that arises in between appointments.

P.S - London

'I’m really grateful and pleased with the homeopathic treatment I’ve received from Jane Ray, I was diagnosed bi-polar many years ago and have struggled with depression, anxiety, confidence etc as well as relationship issues for a long time, regular medication made me tired & still up and down & without any zest for life. Since Jane has been treating me for the last 8 months I have felt better than ever before, she has been extremely professional, supportive, knowledgeable, caring & considerate. I always feel so much better after my appointments with her. The homeopathic & flower remedies Jane has prescribed have definitely helped me feel calmer and more balanced as well as bringing back my enthusiasm for life. Jane really listens from the heart and has helped me see light through the darkness. I consider myself very lucky indeed to have found her. I really feel I am a much happier & healthier person since having homeopathic treatment with Jane & would definitely recommend her.  

S.J London

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